Meet Our Clinical Assistants


Lead Certified Dental Assistant

Tiffany graduated from Pima Medical Institute. She shares her passion for patient care as a Certified Dental Assistant with new and existing patients alike. Her professionalism combined with her keen sense of humor often helps eliminate the tension some patients feel about being at a dental office.  

Originally from Minnesota, Tiffany spends most of her time away from work with her extended family that has also moved to Arizona. The adventures she shares about raising her son and her daughter, both in elementary school, are usually hilarious. Tiffany looks forward to the days when she will have more time to spend back on the dance floor exhibiting her hip hop dance moves. 


Dental Assistant

Amanda is confident about applying her past work experience and her Dental Assistant knowledge to be the absolute best she can be for all patients. Don’t be fooled by her being a bit soft spoken, she is completely interested in being fully engaged in conversation.

At home Amanda enjoys having 2 cats and a boyfriend to keep her busy. Her cosmetology talents are often shared among our office of all women (besides Dr. Eckman) and very much appreciated. 


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