Registered Dental Hygienist

Brittani was introduced to the idea of pursuing a career in the dental field by the encouragement she received from her mom and a hygienist friend of hers. After assisting chair side for a bit Brittani agreed, “Mom knew best”. Off she went to BYU, and then to Coastal Bend College in Texas, there she received her Associate degree in Dental Hygiene. For over 14 years, Brittani continues to enjoy creating lasting relationships with patients while helping to educate and inform them of their dental health needs in a way that is easily understood. Her patients look forward to her cheerful disposition and her great appreciation towards even life’s smallest details; it’s natural for her to share both with all that meet her.

The East Valley of Arizona is where Brittani grew up, a rare native. Along with her husband, twin daughters, and a son, she raises the next generation of Arizona natives. Brittani is devoted to the needs of her family and cherishes each moment they share together. As her children are now all in elementary school she gets to spend a little more time embracing her love for reading. Brittani plays the piano; although, she claims she can’t sing a note. She feels blessed to share in family travels near and far alike.


Registered Dental Hygienist

After enjoying 5 years serving patients as a dental assistant, Jessica decided that learning more about how she could help improve the dental health of her patients was something she really wanted to do.  For over 7 years now, Jessica continues to proudly serve her dedicated patients as their Registered Dental Hygienist. If time and responsibilities of life allowed, she would have continued her education beyond her degree earned from the Rio Salado Dental Hygiene Accreditation program to become a dentist. Jessica’s passion to consistently educate herself and her patients on all aspects of dental care does not waver. And neither does the delight of her laughter she shares with all.

Jessica and her young daughter appreciate spending as much time as they can together. Being outdoors playing basketball, baseball, or any active sport keeps the two of them happy. Their daily dose of goofy dances and fits of laughter shows the special bond they share. Family and friends are lucky to be able to often share in their excitement for life.


Registered Dental Hygienist

 After being in the dental field over 30 years, Julie has spent the last 13 years connecting with her patients as a Registered Dental Hygienist. She takes on the responsibility of making sure that each patient she treats looks forward to their next dental visit. Julie has a wealth of dental information that she shares with her patients. She wants to be sure they have a good understanding as to what their responsibility for home care will be between visits. Although Julie’s passion is strong, her presentation is very relaxed. Patients appreciate the information being presented without any pressure so they can decide for themselves how to best care for their dental needs.


Julie is a hard working wife and mom that can find fun and a good laugh at any time. Her son and her daughter are career oriented young adults with a great sense of humor. Spending time with family and old friends means one of many trips to California, as she grew up in Upland. Julie shares her loyal and caring heart in relationships and charity work. She is known to create homemade sock monkey’s as a special surprise to make someone smile. Just as Julie is kind to all people, her never ending habit to help any feline that crosses her path is controlled by her desire to keep a tidy home. Yes, Julie is a cat lady and proud of it.